Jawai Safari is engaged in wildlife safari at Jawai leopard sanctuary in rajasthan since from 2011. Jawai safari conducts several safaris like leopard safari in Bera, Migratory Bird watching in Jawai, Crocodile sightings in Jawai, nature safari and village safari.

With the Knowledge of Leopards and kindness toward these predators and Migratory birds, as well as with the years of safari experiences we make our safari passengers completely satisfied with Leopard sightings in Jawai and Bera and give them life time overjoyed memories of leopard safari in Jawai and Bera.

Main objective of Jawai safari is to make every visitor witness astonishing leopards of Bera and Jawai, make them feel mundane life of predators, Birds, ducks and aquatic animals.

Experience of Leopard Safari in Bera with Jawai Safari's will be definitely overwhelming, adventures and we ensure that you will have the finest and most memorable safari experience in Jawai and Bera . Sometime we even take guarantee to spot you Leopards in safari when tracking and movement of leopards is appropriate.

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The JAWAI experience offers some the most thrilling,
authentic and unique ways to encounter.

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The first look at the chain of hills in Jawai will disillusion you with the richness of wildlife it hides. You need a pair of trained eyes and hands who will steer you to unearth these secrets.


Jawai offers an unlimited visual treat and with it a dash of adrenaline rush. The safaris organized here doesn’t fall within the bracket of usual, as mostly you would be traversing.


This place has many layer of surprises. From the hills that hides the Leopards to the backwaters of the Jawai dam that shelters the Crocodiles.From the secretive Hyenas to the winter.


Jawai is a special place for varied reasons. One of the main highlights of this place is that the animals here thrive in close proximity to humans. The safaris take you closer to the wildlife.


Read our blogs to know more about the legends
and anecdotes related to this region.

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